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Films for Pharmaceutical
The World's most innovative pharmaceutical companies demand the world's most innovative packaging films. With Packing Solutions India, a full range of films for blister packaging is delivered.

Do you sell prescription drugs? OTC. Generics, physician samples, nutraceuticals, or veterinary medicine? Blister packs made with Packing Solutions India films give you a competitive advantage. Our specially formulated films protect products against moisture, gas, oxygen, and UV rays, providing maximum efficacy and increased shelf life. Blister packs made from Packing Solutions India films are convenient and easy to use increasing compliance and ensuring your product is effective.

The Pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing. But your needs power our innovation challenge us with a new product or idea, and we will develop the optimal film. At Packing Solutions India, we're not just innovating, we're innovating for you–and the opportunities are endless.
Pvc Films In Clear & Colour
Pvdc Films In Clear & Colour
Aclar Films
Triplex Films

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